Shades of Green


To do list:
Do a timer program for the pic!




Project Schecule

Temperature Data


Meeting notes

Oct 5, Meeting #1
Oct 12, Meeting #2
Oct 15, Meeting #3

Oct 16, Meeting #4
Oct 19, Meeting #5 - work day
Oct 23, Meeting #6 - work day
Oct 26, Meeting #7 - work day
Oct 31, Pre-Design Rv meeting (#8)
Nov 2, Design Rv feedback
Nov 6-9, work day
Nov 10, ECE meeting
Nov 12, Design Rv 2 meeting

Nov --Dec 4, work day


Oct 15, Meeting #3:

Looked over the project proposal and discussed what section needs to be fleshed out as well as added.

To do list:
-Sarah: how much temp sensors cost, compile proposal.
-Alex: torque, work statement, Abstract
-Jenn: talk to Gill (with Sarah), flash out proj description.
-Chujiao, Benchmarking
-EVERYONE brings in one or two mechanical design.


Oct 16, Meeting #4:

Present each person’s mech system design.

- A hacked servo motor with the stick attached on top.
- A unhacked servo motor with a big gear on top interact with a little gear on the stick.

- use servo motor, keep the user interface and the motor in the same box. Keep the box flat against the wall so it doesn’t obstruct the window.

- mount the motor to the bracket and interact with the stick. The mech system will be on top of the blinds. Blind sticks are different so have different shape holes on the gear.

Needs beveled gears? Or normal gears? Or no gears?

To do list:
* need to brainstorm about wall mounting (considerations: if the mounting surface is metal, or cannot be damaged etc.)
* servo hacking


Oct 19, Meeting #5

-Servo hacked.
-default thermo program received from Brad M.

Alex: building a temp sensor circuit.
Jenn: working with the hacked servo with Sarah, mech system. Find out how much light affect temp, have that data for the first design review.
Sarah: constructing/brainstorming the wall mount, and mech system. Design Review?
Chujiao: research the fish light timer and how it interfaces, and anything related to timer and circuits.

-do we want light sensor for turning temp off at dusk, or dawn and similiar things?
-do we want user to specify the range of time they want the window to be closed.
Decision: timer first, if everything done, then maybe light.

controlwall mount

Oct 23, Meeting #6

Brainstormed ideas for mechanical system, and finally decided on a clamp to hold the machined part to the turning stick.

Chujiao: look for/buy fish timer and clamps.
Sarah/Jenn: machine the parts attached to the servo.
Alex: work on temp circuit.


Oct 26, Meeting #7

data for POE

                - lit review on passive solar power in mass
                - more controlled experiment

what is the material in the bracket? - latex tubing cut,  blue foam

make sure there is a notch at top for tie,  or that it has some way for the tie to not slip off

make the parts out delrin

                make the solid works for the heat tabbed platform mount
                - plan b is wood mount
                - solidworks heat tabbed parts for the cradle
                - track down material for lining cradle
                                - green stuff,
                                - blue foam
                                - latex tubing
                - research on solar and utility and prior arts for design review

Doing right now:  email out to George on parts,  email out to DN nijas on the foamy stuff
-          We need to get the solid works made but its super easy


Design Review #1 Feedback: A/A-

- Quantitative experiment good as concept, but not too convincing.
- System representation unclear.


Nov 10, ECE meeting

- Got servo and temp sensor on one circuit.
- Got servo to turn CW or CCW depending on whether or not the temp of the temperature sensor is higher or lower than the preset temperature.

To do:
-make the motor stop after a few rotations, where few is the place we want it to stop.
-make the circuit work with 2 temp, and temp differences.


Design Review #2

Mech system:
Almost done.
Maybe make the machined parts a little less crispier (its burnt right now).

One of the temp sensor works with the servo
Needs to make the other temp sensor also work

Programming  a code for shutting down the system.
Make sure the blinds are in desired position before shutting down the system.
Worst come to worst, we have a back up.


Intro/where we were – Chujiao
Circuit – Alex
Mechanical system – Jenn
Conclusion/future direction – Sallen


Nov --Dec 4, work day

New and improved mech system - Sarah Allen.
Circuit with light sensor - Alex Jones
Timer for circuit - Jenn.
Circuit building - Chujiao


Dec 6

To do:

- Presentation
- Video demo


Project Descrption:

Since windows are an integral part of any building, blinds naturally play an important role with building design. Not only do they block out light and give privacy, but they also help to regulate the temperature within the house. While manually adjusting the blinds seems simple, out of reach windows can be a pain and monitoring the temperature of your house while you're away is even more difficult. Ever come back home to a hot and stuffy room during the summer? Ever wish you can do something about that window high up near the ceiling? This is where Shades of Green can help. With the push of a button, all these worries disappear. In this project, we are making a mechanical device that can be attached near the windows. With the temperature sensors, it will adjust the blinds to regulate the room temperature to your desired settings. The device will also include a timer which will allow you to set the time you want the blinds to be open or closed each day. No more of that bright sunlight when you want to sleep late, and no more coming home and realizing all the neighbors can see into your house because all the blinds are open. Lastly, the device will also be solar powered, so not only is the device saving you money by naturally regulating the temperature in the room, but it also requires very little power to run.

The purpose of this website is to document the process of Shades of Green project.