Final Model


flying squirrel







Final Model


Since the CAD model had no mechanical problems, we started changing shape to make the toy more squirrel like. We also made minor changes to make the system lighter, added cushion on the bottom so the system wil have less weight to carry and receive less damage when it falls. The CAD model originally had a plastic squirrel head. However, to decrease weight, we decided to use a stuffed fabric head.


Through numerous experiments and testing with the prototype, the parachute is finally perfected and added to the squirrel.


Shown below is the top view of the final CAD squirrel model with the curved parachute frame around it. The left side is the head and the long end is the tail.

top cad



Isometric view of the CAD final squirrel.

cad side


Shown below is the final model of Luke the Flying Squirrel from The Skywalkers.