This page contains my publications, teaching experience and projects I have done as a graduate student at UConn and undergraduate at Olin College.


Teaching Experiences


Comcast Project at Center for Security Innovation (2013-2017)- One of the first graduate students in the Comcast CSI at UConn, where my focus is network and software security testing of Comcast related devices. I also help planned and set up the competition/challenges for CyberSEED

Security Engineer Internship at Comcast Headquarter (Summer 2015)- Worked as security engineer at Comcast Headquarter in Philadelphia, PA. I participated in a variety of projects, both Comcast to business (such as programming dashboard for data from OLAP cube to make the data easy to understand for senior executives as well as technicians) and Comcast to customer (such as making threat model and evaluating security of Xfinity Home Security system).

Google Latitude Exposure Project (2010 Summer)- Summer research project at CS Dept, University of Pittsburgh, under Professor Lee. In order to explore exposure control issues in social networks, I design a framework for gathering and managing location data from Google Latitude. Wrote the program for authenticating, gathering and managing location data using PHP and MySQL. Set up the web server to host the web interface of the project.

An Exploratory Study on Customer Response to Start-Ups Advertisement in Social Network (2010 Summer)- Presented the paper at The 20th ACME International Conference on Pacific Rim Management in Macau, China. Also acted as session chair. The program is available online.

Recommendation System for Second Life (2009 Fall - 2010 Spring) - a design and programming project, consist of 6 team members, in which we are designing a system that promote enrollment and retention of potential and current Second Life users by connecting them with engaging contents in-word. This project is part of the SCOPE program. As the project manager, I communicate between team and liaisons, lead meetings, regulate team dynamics, break down tasks, and manage project progress and goals. As a team member, I conducted user studies, and write algorithms (queries using PyGreSQL, an open-source Python module that interfaces to a PostgreSQL database). A poster of the project can be found here.

Gist: Automatic Generation of Instruction Selectors (2009 Summer) - The website is a journal of my time at University of Massachusetts, Amherst doing summer research. Gist is the project of Tim Richard, the grad student who oversaw my research experience. I was involved in coding target descriptions and adapters for Gist as well as some brief initial testing of the system. The gist of what I did is summarized in this poster.

Payr: an iPhone Application (2009 Spring)- a semester long design project in which we designed an iPhone application that helps people to split bills in a restaurant, and implemented a web prototype using HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript. I took part in the brainstorming session, designed one of the paper prototytpes, participated in user testings, and was the webmaster for the website.

Fourier Transform of Image Frequency (2009 Spring)- a 3 week project in which we explored different applications of image frequencies, especially filters and such. I researched frequency content of images and how to make filters, then made a program in Matlab that takes any grey scale image and apply filter through it.

Asynchronous CPU (2008 Fall)- a 6 week computer architecture project in which we designed a CPU that functions without a clock. The coding are done in Simulink. I coded the basic gates, ALU, and made the website (final deliverable).

Investigation of LCD (2008 Fall) - a 6 week project in which we, team of three, investigated liquid crystal that led us to make our own LCD pixel. My role was researching different types of liquid crystals, exploring LCD assembly and surface treatment as well as assembling the LCD pixel.

Shoot Some Otters (poster) (2008 Spring)- a 6 week project in which us team of three made a python game, akin to whack-a-mole. I designed the game interface and implemented the high score input system. To play the game, you must have python and pygame installed. The game can be downloaded here and here is the report documenting the design process and decisions.

Shades of Green (2007 Fall)- a semester long project where we, a team of four, designed and prototyped a system that turns blinds based on light, temperature and user preference. I helped with programming the chip (PIC18F2455), build the circuit, and was in charge of documentation.

Comfy Things From Olin: Beanbags (2007 Fall)- a 10 week business project where a group of us started and ran a beanbag business for 10 weeks. I was in charge of production, fabric supplies, and orders on a weekly basis. I also made the website with online ordering system, which drew the majority of our sales. We sold more than a dozen beanbags and turned a profit of over $300, which we donated to charity.

Graph Layout (2007 Fall)- a 2 month project in which us group of three researched different graph layout methods, and wrote our own graph layout algorithm in flash. You can test out the algorithm here.

Fractal Arts Report (2007 Spring)- a 2 month project in which I researched different fractals and wrote my own fractal program in Matlab to create art work.

Electric Gun Model Report (2007 Spring)- paper written on a simple model of electric gun created using Matlab.

Skywalker (2006 Fall)- a semester long project in which we designed and manufactured a bio-inspired toy for fifth graders, then brought over fifth graders for demonstration. The group consists of five team members and we decided to make a flying squirrel. I took part in assembling the mechanical parts, designed the squirrel shape and made the squirrel skin.