Autonomous Blinds Control System

Since windows are an integral part of any building, blinds naturally play an important role with building design. Not only do they block out light and give privacy, but they also help to regulate the temperature within the house. While manually adjusting the blinds seems simple, out of reach windows can be a pain and monitoring the temperature of your house while you're away is even more difficult.

The Shades of Green project team will design and build a low-cost system to twist open and close venetian blinds based on temperature and user preferences in order to save energy and provide more convenience for the users.  Specifically, the mechanical module twists the blinds’ adjuster rod, as determined by an electrical module with user interface.  The system can adjust the blinds based on temperature and time of day, according to the user’s desire. The general aspects of our project have been tried before, but we hope to create a better system that not only adjusts depending on temperature, but also on user preference—a system that consumers will want to buy and use to enhance their blinds.