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Ordering Information

To aquire your perfect beanbag, first fill in all your preferences in the order form. We will go to a fabric store and buy the fabric. If the fabric is not available in your first choice color, we will buy the fabric in the second color of your choice. After we buy the fabric, we will make the beanbag and payment will be made when the product is delivered. However, you can also buy your own fabric and give it to use for making the beanbags, in which case the cost of fabrics will be subtracted from the total cost. Please consult us before buying your own fabric to make sure it is durable enough for beanbags.

PAYMENT INFORMATION : When the order is filed, minimum of half of the price must be payed up front, and the remaining amount will be payed when the beanbag is delivered. We accept either cash or checks made out to Olin College of Engineering. We do NOT accept credit card or check card.

To order online:

Fill in the Order Form and follow the instruction provided for submission. You will need adobe reader to view the order form and an email address to submit the order.
After the order is submitted, you should receive a confirmation email within 2 days.
If you did not receive a confirmation email within 2 days, or have any problems with the order form, please contact Chujiao Ma at chujiao.ma@students.olin.edu .


Ordering offline:

Order forms can also be picked up during Friday lunch at Olin Dining Hall or click here. If you are an Olin student, drop it off at EH 317. If you are not an Olin student, then mail the order form to:

Contact Info: Katherine Elliott
Mail Box 290
Olin College of Engineering
Olin Way
MA 02492
Phone: (336) 266-4600
Email: katherine.elliott@students.olin.edu