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Price and Size

The prices here are approximations. For the fabric of your choice, the actual price should be within $3 of the price stated below. Whether the actual price is higher or lower will depend on the price of the fabric when we buy them at the store.

If you would like to buy your own fabric, then we will subtract the cost of the fabric from the actual price. If you are planning to buy fabrics other than upholstery, medium to heavy weight corduroy, denim or suede, please consult us before buying to make sure the fabric is appropriate for beanbags.

Note: Unless you already bought your own fabric, half of the price must be payed up front before we buy the fabric, you can either drop it off at East Hall 317, or one of us will pick it up from you. The other half payed when we deliver the product.

Price Chart
$0 (Fabric Provided by Customer)
Possible Fabric Options

or Corduroy

Printed Denim or Corduroy
Printed Denim or Corduroy
Printed Denim, Corduroy or one color Suede


*All prices include 5% Massachussetts sales tax.