About us


Team PYC is a group of students from Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. This website is for the final project in Computer Architecture class.

Yifan Sun

yifan Yifan Sun is a Junior at Olin College studying electrical engineering. She loves long walks alongside muddy rivers with the mosquitoes and the color blue. She's also looking for a job (hint hint).

Chujiao Ma

chujiao Chujiao Ma is also a Junior ECE at Olin College. Her biggest hobby in life is to sit pensively and ponder the meaning of life. She also likes squirrels, seashells, and the color pink.

Philip Chung

philip Philup is a hot dude studying ECE at Olin College. Actually, he's only a sophomore, so he tends to be the butt of all jokes and pranks. In his free time, Philip goes clubbing and picks up chicks.