Overall, we implemented the broad idea that we started with,  but still fell short of the ideal technical solution that we outlined early on.  We made a system that regulate the temperature in the room using a temperature sensor to determine current temperature and a light sensor to determine if the light outside is enough to create a green house effect and warm up the room. However, the system used to determine the position of the blinds could be improved, and the user-interface section is somewhat incomplete since the settings are changed in the computer program.

Future Directions:
We have outlined, and in many cases begun to develop, further improvements which would allow actual application of this system both in Olin dorms and at large. Such future improvements include:

  1. Finalizing blind position feedback based on tilt and servo current draw
  2. Finalizing the timer override and its user interface
  3. Finalizing the user interface for temperature control
  4. Transferring circuit to permanent board and constructing case

Although we obviously developed a number of technical skills over the course of this semester, we also felt that some of the team dynamic skills we learned are at least as important as the mechatronics learning.  In the future we will more thoroughly assess at the beginning of the semester the magnitude and scope of each aspect of the project and more clearly define team member roles.   We also realized the importance of having a team member who is clearly in charge of keeping everyone accountable for his or her part of the project. Our team also demonstrated strengths, such as excellent documentation, which we will also endeavor to carry forward into future projects.