Jen Keene is a sophomore at Olin college who has an unfortunate relationship with most electrical items and is therefore extremely thankful that she didn’t manage to blow up a PIC or let the magic blue smoke out of any other components.  She is currently a bioengineering concentrator who seems to like neurobiology far too much,  but during the course of this project she endeavored to help with the mechanical system and to double check coding logic. 



Chujiao Ma is a sophomore. She is a mechanically inclined Electrical Engineer, loves Solidworks, circuit, and would love to learn more about programming. Chujiao is in charge of documentation of the project as well as the project websites. Other than that, she mostly build the circuit and occasionally helps look over and debugging the codes.


Alex Jones is a sophomore majoring in materials science.  He’s interested in sustainability and is really excited about this project’s potential to cut home energy use.  Alex was the chief software engineer, and he learned the hard way about version control, group coding, and not being intimidated by 400-page electronics datasheets.


Sarah Allen is the only South Carolinian on this all Class of 2010 PoE team. She came to Olin to learn how to teach herself about all the things she's interested in. For this project, she worked on the mechanical system (being very resourceful at times) and also worked on debugging the code when it came down to crunch time. She's always wondered what would happen if all the car mechanics in the world died, and (on a kind of related note) feels that PoE has given her a taste of how interesting car mechatronics would be.